Checkout Some of our Frequently Asked Questions

Moefel is an online investment & forex trading company that allows you to invest and pay a certain percentage to you after trading for the week. We offer a stable and lucrative plans for earning.
Click on "Signup" or "Join Us" button at the top of our website. Moefel has made it easier for you to sign-up from different places on the site. Fill and complete the sign-up page with your correct details, upon submission of your registration form and activation mail will be sent to your email address which you're meant to activate your account. Then login to your account and click on "add wallet address" scroll to the buttom and add a valid Bitcoin wallet address which can always be updated at any given time.
Regarding to "security", we are secured with one of the world most sophisticated security system which has never been compromised. Funds are kept in a deep freeze storage. All personally identifiable information, such as names, email address, phone numbers etc are disclosed only to you and passwords are encrypted and securely stored in a hashed form. Nobody has access to that other than yourself.
To invest on Moefel, you must be a registered member and must have confirmed your email address. Then login to your account and click on "Create Investment" button, choose your trading plan, enter the amount you wish to invest and click on "Start Trading". After that, you'll be given a Bitcoin wallet address and value to send to the given address. Copy the value as give and send payment to the given wallet. Note that you'll be required to pay a one-time membership fee of $20 which will only appear on your first deposit after which you don't pay again. Upon successful Blockchain confirmation of your deposit, your deposit will automatically be confirmed and your daily profit will start counting the next day.
To withdraw your weekly profit, kindly login to your account, click on "Initiate Withdrawal" from your account dashboard and then tick the profit you want to withdraw and submit your request. Your withdrawal will be paid on Wednesday of that same week.
Click on "My Referrals" then select "referral bonus" from there you can monitor and withdraw your referral bonus.
Yes, Moefel has a referral program which is another gold mine for passive earning. The referral program allows you to earn 5% one-time commission from the deposit made by anyone you referred into the system.
Click on "referrals" select "My Referrals" from there you can view or share your referral link, you can as well view your referrals below.
This consists of completed or confirmed deposits made.
Moefel have an active support response always ready and here for you.( our response rate ranges from 24 to 48hours) Moefel is here for you. If you have any questions or problems concerning our platform, have any suggestions that you feels can help our community don't forget to contact us with our official email address ( or you can chat with one of our live chat support agents.